Added these sweet Panda Claw Records shirt to the webstore! Got a few XXL for all you fluffy people out there. The Panda design was made by joey south side from the banner.


New Signings+Update

Haven’t updated the site in a while so here is what’s been going on.

Rat Path from Washington has become part of the family. Keep your eyes peeled for a split release with Drag Me Under.14051660441_fb426d592e_o

Also Locals from Modesto, Ca These Streets are part of the family also. They have been working hard playing as many shows as they can and PCR will be releasing their last effort “Life From The Gutter” as a 7″ vinyl. thesestreets

Both releases have had the lacquers cut and are in line to be pressed at the plant (Rainbo Records). Both bands also released videos of songs off the releases. Both releases are streaming live over at

Alea Jacta Est-Vae Victis is coming

Alea Jacta Est-Vae Victis is coming! It will be a multi label release from Useless Pride Records, Samstrong Records, Fono LTD, and Panda claw Records. They released a new video for the song bullets are loud off the new album.


Drag Me Under preorders are up! 3 colors: Classic Black, Orange, and smokey haze. As always they come with a digital download card and all preorders come with a chance to win a free test press.