Snakeway Preorders Up

Preorders for Snakeway-Year Of The Snake 7″ are up in the store. Preorders have a chance to win a free test press and comes with a download card.

yots flyer coming soon


Preorders for the These Streets-Life From The Gutter 7″. All preorders have a chance to win a test press. You can pick them up one color

or as a bundle pack and save a little bit of money

Alea Jacta Est-Vae Vicits is out now and in the store. You can pick up a copy .


image(1) Preorders are up for the Drag Me Under/Rat Path split.  All preorders have a chance to win a test press.  You can order them single records here.


or as a pack and save some money here

New signings!

Welcome to the Panda Claw family.


Snakeway from San Antonio, Texas. They bring the thrashy metal straight to your face. PCR will be releasing their demo, Year Of The Snake, on a 7″ vinyl.


Suicide Kings from Calgary, Canada. Changing it up a bit with some aggressive hip hop. The real deal underground straight in your face hip hop.